Hydrogen Peroxide 50% Solution (concentrated) is a colorless liquid with a slightly sharp odor. It is a strong oxidant, bleaching agent, and antiseptic. Exposure to heat or light will speed decomposition.

CORECHEM is a supplier/distributor of H2O2 in bulk package sizes. Buy Peroxide in cases, carboys, drums, totes, or bulk.

This product is regulated and available for business-to-business sale only.


Bulk Hydrogen Peroxide 50% Solution, Concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide Liquid, H2O2, Dioxidane, Oxidanyl, Perhydroxic acid, Dihydrogen dioxide, Peroxaan, Oxygenated water


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Applications include: Bleaching and deodorizing of textiles, wood pulp, hair, fur, etc.; source of organic and inorganic peroxides; pulp and paper industry; plasticizers; rocket fuel; foam rubber; manufacture of glycerol; antichlor; dyeing; electroplating; antiseptic; laboratory reagent; epoxidation, hydroxylation, oxidation, and reduction; viscosity control for starch and cellulose derivatives; refining and cleaning metals; neutralizing agent in wine distillation; seed disinfectant; substitute for chlorine in water and sewage treatment.
This product is available in 4X1 gallon cases (MOQ applies), 5-gallon carboys, 55-gallon drums, 275-gallon totes, 330-gallon totes, and bulk.
Buy Hydrogen Peroxide 50% NSF for applications that require NSF-certified material (Product #145514). Or, buy Hydrogen Peroxide in various other concentrations, from 7% – 35%.
Keep away from sparks, hot surfaces, open flames and other heat sources. This product is a strong oxidizer and may cause fire or explosion. Wear fire/flame-resistant clothing. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. Keep away from combustible material. Causes severe skin burns and serious eye damage. Wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling this product. Wash face, hands, and any exposed skin thoroughly after handling. Do not breathe vapors. This product is toxic if inhaled. If product comes in contact with skin or eyes, immediately flush with plenty of water for 15-20 minutes. Seek medical attention immediately. Please see Safety Data Sheet for full safety and compatibility information.
UN2014, Hydrogen peroxide, aqueous solutions, 8, PG II