Molten Salts

Molten Salts

High Temperature Molten Salt Heat Transfer Fluid (270°F to 1050°F)

advanced molten salt products offer outstanding performance and thermal stability for the most demanding high temperature applications. Our molten salts can safely withstand temperatures up to 565°C while delivering exceptional thermal storage, temperature regulation, and heat transfer capability. Additionally, these salts are non-toxic, non-flammable, and exhibit negligible vapor pressures even near peak operating temperatures, minimizing safety hazards and the need for high-pressure equipment. molten salts have excellent corrosion resistance to stainless and alloy steels and are compatible with carbon steel below 350°C. For applications where conventional heat transfer fluids can’t handle the heat, choose molten salt products.

offers three molten salt formulations with different properties to satisfy your application. Our MS-1 product is designed for slightly higher temperature applications while our MS-2 product has a lower melting point to reduce the risk of system freeze up.



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