Perma-Fil Cold is a rubber modified, 100% solids, epoxy patching system designed to handle the physical stresses of a freeze-thaw environment. It can handle temperature ranges of -70°F to 300°F.

Train your staff to prep, patch, coat and seal and forget hiring contractors with our on-site training program.

  • 100% Epoxy Resin Base with a Catalyst hardener and special blended aggregate
  • 15,500 psi compression strength
  • Rubber Modification allows the epoxy to expand and contract with the surface
  • Withstands heavy, abusive traffic
  • Absorbs vibration and shock without cracking
  • Lab Tested to withstand cycling from -70 to 300 F.
  • Highly resistant to acids, alkalies, solvents, heat and cold
  • Extra-long wearing – permanent and resilient
  • Self-leveling – minimal trowel work
  • Bonds to concrete, steel and wood
  • Single kit covers 21 sq. ft. at ¼” thick (All 3 parts total approx. 3.32 gallons of mixed material)
  • Master kit covers 214 sq. ft. at ¼” thick (All 3 parts total approx. 33.2 gallons of mixed material)
  • Cure time of 12-24 hours
  • Pot life of 15-30 minutes


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