Silicone open bath fluid

Silicone open bath fluid

High Temperature Silicone Heat Transfer Fluid
Temperature Range for Open System: 158°F to 550°F / 70°C to 288°C

heat transfer fluid is specifically engineered to maintain consistently high thermo-physical stability in the most hostile high temperature applications, such as open fluid baths, quenching tanks and hydraulic/mechanical equipment.It is an environmentally-friendly, silicone-based product with enhanced resistance to oxidation and with a high benchmark for operational safety by exhibiting an open-cup flash point of 315°C (600°F). When premium performance is a minimum requirement.

  • Gives physical stability and uniform performance in mechano-fluid devices and controls.
  • Uniform performance under sheer over a wide temperature range.
  • Resistance to viscosity breakdown.
  • Increased oxidation stability at high temperatures applications


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  • High temperature open baths
  • Biomass
  • Process heating
  • High temperature reactors
  • Heat recovery
  • Precious metal reclamation